Security Services on offer

  • Endpoint security
  • Server Security
  • Network Edge Security
  • Remote Access
  • Email Security
  • Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Email Security

Prevention is always the best form of protection

How does the MIST solution work?

Our email security services provide email filtering which protects your business against spam, phishing and virus-infected emails. It detects phishing attacks, trojans and malware, and spam. Quarantining or discarding threats to security and productivity. Filtering rules are constantly updated keeping you protected against ever-evolving threats.

Our solution solves critical email security challenges with:

  • Targeted threat protection
  • Spam and multi-layered malware protection
  • Secure messaging and encryption
  • Data leak prevention
  • Secure large file sharing

Benefits to your business

Delivered as a cloud-based service, it provides always on and up to date protection without the complexity, Here are the top benefits of using MIST’s email security services.

  • Security of business systems
  • Increased productivity by outsourcing to an experienced managed services provider
  • Compliance with regulations and governance
  • Protection of corporate information and reputation of brand

Talk to our team today about how we can help protect your valuable data.


Web Security

Web filtering is a key security requirement for almost any business’s IT network. It is about preventing access to inappropriate or malicious internet content, whilst ensuring your business can access valuable content when required. Often, it is also used to meet regulatory and legal compliance obligations.

How does it work?

Our Web content filtering service protects user productivity, blocks malware downloads and web threats, enables compliance and creates online security. The software blocks only web threats using Dynamic Link Analysis (DLA) inspection, allowing users access to popular websites and avoiding over blocking.


Learns user web habits with real-time feedback.

Analyses objectionable content within images and cached content.

Ability to create custom categories.

Benefits to your business

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership :

As a managed service, we provide ongoing management and support that is required by your business.

  • Peace of mind

Let our team of experienced professionals significantly reduce the risk of your business by supplying secure and reliable solutions fit for your organisation.

  • Monitoring

We will continually monitor and defend your network perimeter, intranet and business applications, offering visibility throughout the process.