Managed IT Services

Monitoring and Maintenance

Our Managed Services are tailored to meet your business requirements and support you in delivering exceptional service to your clients.


Our Managed Services keep your business running smoothly with core infrastructure managed by our selected team of Engineers with a range of automated tools, world-leading processes, capabilities and Vendor backed services

A Managed Service is only as good as the time invested in it. MIST has dedicated is business development to delivering an outstanding service to our customers. We work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction and value for money

  • Pre-scheduled maintenance:We ensure essential IT tasks, from patching and software updates, to antivirus and spam email filtering – get the attention they deserve. We manage your environment to the highest standards possible by ensuring every configuration and protocol is correct and current.
  • Automated and proactive monitoring: MIST can monitor your network across more end points than ever before. We’ve been working with industry leading technologies, and spent years developing intelligent automation to use the industry-leading monitoring tools to their full potential.
  • Layers of security: Multiple layers of security protect you from lurking threats. We strongly believe in defence in depth, this with regular monthly reporting keeps you informed and in control of your systems.

Backup and Restore Services

Our clients expect zero downtime. But when it comes to data backup and recovery, a lot can go wrong. Sooner or later your Infrastructure or technology will fail, this is inevitable. And when it does, your Disaster Recovery, backup and recovery capability will determine whether you’re back in business in quickly or closing the doors permanently.



Backups are a constant time sink for a lot of businesses, staff spend countless hours, monitoring, running, re-running and testing backups, this is wasting valuable staff resources. MIST will take over and deliver a Service back to the business with agreed RPO and RTO’s. We’ll test and verify backups. And we meticulously monitor the backup hardware and software components to ensure the technology behind your service is active, configured properly and always up-to-date.

Business Continuity Services

When disaster strikes, every minute is costing your business money and damage to your brand is relentless. It’s essential to have the right tools, processes and people in place when you need them.


MIST has a fixed-cost service that guarantees you can keep business functioning, no matter what happens. It provides the certainty of having virtual standby servers made permanently available in a tier-III Australian data centres. It’s also a cost-effective route to planning expertise that’s essential for continuing normal operations in the event of a major outage to primary servers.


By outsourcing business continuity to MIST, you can access a team of specialists familiar with your environment, who can quickly restore servers, applications and data – after an incident. MIST acts to recover your business services quickly and efficiently.

Bandwidth Control & Monitoring Services

Increase application efficiency, employee productivity and Internet performance.

Bandwidth Control and Monitoring – MIST can monitor how an organisation consumes its bandwidth and Internet connections. This has become a necessity for many organisations with the increase in the number of BYOD and portable devices in the workplace.

Many organisations are unaware their mission critical applications, programs and networks may be choked and only working at half capacity due to the bandwidth being used on PC’s & devices for non-business purposes.

MIST can allow clients to see how their bandwidth is being used, allowing improvements to be made over time, allocating bandwidth to mission critical apps and programs, speeding up the systems and employee productivity.