IT Consulting and Advisory

IT Consulting and Advisory

Our strategic sourcing pros create substantial value for our clients.

MIST Integration will help you negotiate cost savings, as well as better terms for new software and hardware acquisitions, assist with renewals, or expansion of existing agreements. With cost reductions averaging 15-20 percent, this service enables IT teams to be a true source of value across the enterprise, cutting operating expenses and freeing capital for other initiatives.

Key Features

  • Flexible engagement model, able to help at any stage of negotiations
  • Known for finding 15-20% savings in a typical engagement
  • Includes a renowned team of experts that engage in negotiations every day


MIST’s expert IT advisory and assessment team specialises in IT strategic planning, IT service management and IT financial management engagements.

Your business needs are constantly changing. So where do you invest, and when, to ensure your IT infrastructure meets your needs today—and tomorrow? With MIST as your technology advisor, you can answer those questions confidently.

Our Advisory and Assessment team features senior-level executives with years of experience across multiple industries and enabling technologies. Working closely with your internal infrastructure team, we will advise you on all possible technology solutions and help you select those that will best support your business now and in the future.

What are your technology needs, current security shortcomings and opportunities with virtual CTO and CIO services?


Once our team helps you establish a strategic infrastructure plan and roadmap, we can address all of your requirements. We will partner with you to provide the personnel and expertise to design, deploy and support the technology moving forward.

By partnering with MIST as your infrastructure advisor, you will have a direct line of communication with IT professionals and engineers with diverse industry backgrounds and highly specialised skill sets. It’s this team that will assist your current technology staff in assessing risk and crafting an infrastructure plan that suits your needs.


Our IT advisory and assessments provide a full, transparent view into your business’s IT infrastructure, from current efficiencies and architecture to future security risks.

This includes valuable information on:

  • Your Data Center Strategy and Site Selection
  • Your IT Lifecycle Strategy
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Options
  • Available Virtual CTO and CIO Services
  • The Architecture and Design of Your Current IT Environment
  • Data Security and Future Planning

With our IT infrastructure assessment services, we aim to do more than inform you of the state of your environment. Following your assessment, our team of senior-level infrastructure advisors will work with your IT team to identify next steps for building a smarter and more secure infrastructure—one that serves the needs and future requirements of your business.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

IT Systems Audit and Reporting

Get in front of IT issues, before they cause disruption to your business.

Are you experiencing issues with your systems and network? Downtime and unexplained outages? Is your current IT provider doing exactly what they said? When clients engage with MIST, they not only want independent insight they can trust, but a partner that they can rely on moving forward.


Developed over 20 years, an IT Systems Audit provides one of the most detailed network infrastructure assessments a business could need. MIST will audit everything and analyse critical aspects of your systems and network for a detailed map of your IT and where you stand.


From the integrity of servers to backups, we assess what really matters for network health and performance. The result is a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations.

  • Hardware and software inventory audit: Document all software packages, physical hardware and virtual instances present on the network (servers, workstations and devices) including CPU, memory, hard disk model and serial numbers. This is useful for monitoring standard operating system environments and software license management.
  • Security report: Identifies rogue services running on the network including malware and other insecure network protocols. System patch audit to identify systems that require critical software updates.
  • Network practices: Review anti-virus management, backup status, network configuration as well as testing external firewalls, server and network configurations. VPN configuration and firewall rules are reviewed and router configurations are tested and verified.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Be confident you can recover systems and data quickly with DR planning that’s tried and tested.

Today’s organisation’s never stop, when downtime is not an option, you need to be confident that a full and rapid recovery is always achievable when technology lets you down.


MIST provides Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing as a service – across virtually every sector. Our senior technical team works with you to prepare a response meeting your minimum operational requirements in any likely scenario, including the ability to fully recover from a major outage on your business.


We’ll work with you to establish recovery point objectives and profile all of your data to focus on protecting what is most sensitive and valuable to your organisation. We can also develop and maintain a written plan as well as run on-going restore simulations to test and harden your disaster recovery plans.

Cloud Advisory

Future proof your organisation with ‘perfect-fit’ cloud infrastructure that is ‘right sized for you’.

Cloud brings many exciting opportunities. But it also brings big changes to how you traditionally work. Hybrid cloud, private cloud, AWS and Azure are all driving cloud service transformation. But are they right for you?

With so many cloud architectures to choose from, our Solutions Architects and Cloud Computing Engineers work with you to develop a sound cloud-based IT strategy that minimises risk to give you all the exciting benefits you’ve been hearing about.